People who are not graphic designers think that we are all artists that just get to play and make pretty things all day. Well we are not, most of us are analytical driven obsessive/compulsive personalities who have the attention to detail of a predatory bird flying high in the sky searching for it’s next meal. We see everything, we see the two shades of red you are wearing don’t match. You can’t imagine what we see, we are the eagle eyes. But in order to keep the peace, we keep our mouths shut most of the time when others are in violation of visual annoyances that will ultimately unknowingly get into the heads of others and sub-consciously  drive them nuts too.

Like it or not, I would like to share something that just drives me nuts (and many other graphic designers) the use of font files. In fact, a lot of us are pretty passionate about this topic. Yeah, your computer comes pre-packaged with a bunch of font files, does that mean that you should use them all? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! While I’m on this topic I also must clarify that type is the general design of the character ie Baskerville, Helvetica or Gotham (love)and a font is the file that is on the computer used to render the type digitally… just had to put that one out there, because yes we are obsessive/compulsive. The best way to piss off a graphic designer is to use a typeface that they hate and trust me, most graphic designers that I know and respect feel the same way. Heck there are even websites and groups dedicated to the misuse of these type faces. And let it be known, I’m not complaining about your font usage, I’m doing the public a service that is really much needed. And I’m not hating on the type faces, man if you can design type and it is used all over the world, that is awesome, but when people with who haven’t had the proper typography training get ahold of such fonts, bad things do happen. If you still don’t understand what I’m talking about, please read my comments about the following:

Comic Sans
I just want to ask the question, is your audience a preschool, younger elementary age students, or others that also don’t understand and are using this font? Well if your answer is no, then please do not sit at your desk trying to look all professional and that and use that font. Now really, are you an adult? Your professionality just got a face-palm by using that font. I once received an email about email etiquette done entirely in Comic Sans, oh the irony that was another face-palm. The site Ban Comic Sans is a great place to visit, if you can’t get enough of people hating on Comic Sans.

This is a font that most of the world hates, but if you like it you absolutely use it way too much. I find the artsy and natural healing folks tend to overuse this font. It’s almost like a sharp stick in the eye rather than something that would represent natural healing. If you are not creating a Mediterranean area ancient era manuscript, I’m thinking it probably shouldn’t be used. The website Papyrus Watch encourages people who find Papyrus used to take a photo and send it to the site while the website I <3 Papyrus is a satire of the use of the font. Please dear people that I know, please do me a favor and don’t ever let me see your stuff that doesn’t represent an old Egyptian scroll on this site. I will give credit to Chris Costello who designed the font – it is so awesome to design a font that is used so widely, but I have read that even he thinks that it is overused.

Brush Script
First of all a disclaimer, I will admit that I did use brush script on one project in the last five years. But the use of Brush Script was fitting with this project. I was trying to create a period postcard for an advertisement where one would of seen the use of Brush Script. Usage Justified! Brush Script was named #3 in “Least Favorite” nomination in 2007 designers’ survey, conducted by Anthony Cahalan. “Least Favorite” is defined as “misused or overused”, “ugly”, “boring, dated, impractical or clichéd”, “dislike or blind hatred”. In addition Brush Script was rated #5 in “The 8 Worst Fonts In The World” list in Simon Garfield’s 2010 book. So if you are using Brush Script and your trying to look modern, I think you might of been modern in post WWII.

In addition to these fonts, I suggest you take a look at 10 Iconic Fonts and Why You Should Never Use Them, I can’t agree with this article more.

I will not hit you up with this news and then just leave you. I do suggest that the web has an overwhelming amount of free and paid fonts that you can download and use. The following is a list of fonts to search and download.

Google Web Fonts
Font Squirrel
My Fonts
Lost Type CO-OP

So my whole point is that if you are in a business, an organization, sitting at a desk trying to have people take you seriously or wondering why they don’t. Please take my advice and cut the usage of these fonts out of your life. You can not imagine the possibilities that doing this one small task will do for your life. And if you are a designer that has been using these fonts, sorry I don’t think that I can help you (honestly I’m not trying to offend anyone but yeah, the usage is really offensive).